After All This Time as a Manic Depressed Robot

Trying hard to think of the proper words to say. Don’t laugh at me: I never do this, but alas this time I must. I feel it would be a lie from myself if I told you that I wasn’t impacted by this great man. So many times we complain about the shit in our lives and we think about how hard our lives our. There are people who put so much our in their lifetime to influence others and we never know they are suffering. It is so difficult to understand how  death selects its victims, but the people lately have been done in from cancer and that is such a tragedy, but more than likely if it is cancer it has been there for a while and therefore their suffering and pain, by death’s march, has been ended. Those who spend their lives trying to entertain us and make us happy would not want us falling down in fits of tears. Sure, at first it may seem touching (I know the pain is there and how much it hurts is just too much), but they built this legacy and there is a reason we want to cry so why not celebrate?  They are no longer hurting, they are fine,they went out while they were ahead. I know some of you did not appreciate the character Rickman portrayed in Potter, but I, for one, enjoyed it because yes, he was a pretentious ass, and yes, he did make life difficult, but he never allowed Harry to die.
He did his own thing, but also that was just his character. He always was an interesting character. I grew up watching him and he was one of the only actors I felt the connection to watch all their work. He was inspiring and incredible and I am saddened that there were not more works he was in as of late. He was hilarious and I loved his voice. I know, many of you think this is silly, but looking at my timeline and seeing so many of my friends mourning the loss of this actor I am fairly certain I have chosen the right friends to surround myself with and I am grateful that we are all in this together. While I unfortunately do not have Hitchhikers Guide nor do I have Sweeney Todd I at least have Harry Potter.  I also can watch “epic tea time with Alan Rickman” as many times as I want because really, how awesome is it?

I just want to take this time to say I love you. I know it sounds silly, but if you are at all reading this then you are in my life and therefore a friend. I love you whether we have never met or I talk to you all the time. You are here and you are alive and tomorrow is never guaranteed. I don’t want to take you for granted and think we have all the time in the world. You bring light into my life and forever for that I will be grateful. Thank you all so much for everything. I am very thankful you are here today and I hope to see you tomorrow. Breathe, exist, you are important and you belong. I believe in you. Always.

❤ ~A fellow Slytherin ~ ❤