October in Review… November is New

Hey peeps!

So I have not been keeping up, I have been so busy and also a little down. So here it is. It might be long, short; I am not completely sure. I just know that I am bunching things up together.

So to review I did a lot of things in October. First of all I did my very first ever drag show. It was a thrill of a lifetime and I cannot wait to do it again. I was going to post about it the night I did it, but I was so exhausted and then got super busy, so yeah! That definitely happened. I usually get nervous for stuff like that, but honestly I felt all the nerves leave my body and I left it all in the Gym, no seriously I threw a bunch of my clothes onto the ground and had to scrounge them up after the show. Haha, that was amazing and I already have big plans for next show. I had people come up to me after the show and in public and tell me they saw me and how wonderful I was which almost made me cry.

Then on Halloween I took part in my second Rocky Horror Shadow cast and it was an absolute blast. All these things bring me more and more family.

This month, November, has just  started and yet has already had so much happened. I can not wait to see all the wonderful things that are waiting for me. I have been fighting my depression and for the most part I feel better. I have barely cried all November which is nice, but we shall see what the new season brings.


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